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/Content/Images/Shared/girl_and_cat.jpg Though your pet’s physical presence will leave your life, their memories will never fade from your heart. Capture the special relationship you shared with any of the following optional services:

Lock of Fur

If you desire, a lock of your pet’s fur can be clipped before cremation or burial. The lock will be placed in a clear ziplock bag for your use in future memorials.

 Temporary Holding Service

If you would prefer burial, but are unable to conduct your services at the time of your pet’s death, we are able to hold your pet for you until arrangements can be made. Specific fees will be assessed based on the weight/size of your pet - contact our office today for more details.

 General Cremation

Cremation of a companion animal without the return of ashes to the family.  A removal from your veterinarian's office is included.

Private Cremation Service

A single pet cremation, where the pet, and only one, companion animal is placed within the retort and cremated during the service. The cremated remains are returned to the family from their companion animal's private cremation service and are placed in a temporary container. A Certificate of private cremation and removal from your veterinarian's office is included.